A vision of what the Josaphat district could be like at the end of the development process. © MS-A & Asymétrie


In Josaphat, the Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) is the owner of the land to be developed, but is also the regional public operator responsible for creating the new district.

It plays an operational role, ensuring the physical development of the district. In this capacity, the SAU-MSI coordinates the relevant public actors and private partners.

Numerous public partners will be involved in the project, which the Region has defined as a priority. Each will invest heavily, within its own area of responsibility, to connect the district to public services, develop roads and green spaces, provide cleaning and waste collection, and build public housing of all types and the facilities so badly needed in the Region.

The starting-points are regional and even federal investment via the participation of Beliris, but the municipalities of Schaerbeek and Evere are the project’s preferred partners as well as being the direct beneficiaries of the investment and of the quality and innovation strategy.

The private property operators who will work on the site will also be key partners in the success of the new district. The SAU-MSI will serve as their point of contact on behalf of the authorities, which will act with one voice here. These effective governance arrangements will be one of the essential levers of a successful partnership whose main objective is maintaining a high level of quality.