Property developments

First property development phase

On 5 December, the Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) launched a public procurement procedure to appoint a developer responsible for carrying out the first property development phase of the new sustainable district, Josaphat (shown in green in the illustration).

With an above-ground floor area of 66,000 m², half of this first phase consists of housing to be sold on the property market and half of public housing of various types.

The SAU-MSI, which owns the site, the SLRB-BGHM, and the Housing Fund are joining forces to carry out this operation. The SAU-MSI will be the contracting authority.

The contract will be awarded following a competitive dialogue.
The competitive dialogue procedure involves developing a solution with each participating developer, stage by stage. The best solutions can then be selected at each stage, and at the end of the process the contract can be awarded to the developer whose bid most accurately reflects the contracting authority’s requirements and ambitions.

The procedure is intended for developers who are able to demonstrate their ability to successfully develop a large-scale, complex urban project, involving the construction and marketing of extensive residential spaces and the development of urban public spaces.

Approximate timetable:
- March 2018: selection of participants
- July 2018: proposal of design teams by participants
- December 2018: submission of first proposals
- September 2019: submission of second proposals
- March 2021: submission of final bids

Information about the procedure’s advancement will be communicated via the ‘News’ section.