Josaphat: a happening place

Josaphat: a happening place

Between working starting on bringing utilities to the site and the completion of the new Josaphat district, 12 years will pass... The transformation will be gradual and controlled, so as not to leave land in a state of disuse and to avoid subjecting the first occupants to a sprawling and prolonged building site.

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) wishes to put this period to good use to enable local residents and future occupants to gradually make this site and its future development their own.

To make the site more accessible, the SAU-MSI will create temporary access points, as well as securing it by installing a fence along the railway. It is counting on the presence of community and non-commercial activities to bring the site to life by the time the development work is complete. The activities already present on the site will continue, in a clear partnership to be established with the SAU-MSI, and will be joined by others.

Call for projects

To this end, the SAU-MSI, the Region and the two municipalities will jointly launch a call for projects in  spring 2017. The aim will be to encourage diversity, with a mix of one-off happenings and activities that develop over time, and with numerous different focuses of interest.

All projects should be aimed at a wide audience and compatible with the surrounding districts.