Beliris launches tender process for infrastructure and green and public spaces across the site

Beliris(*) published a public procurement notice for a project design contract for the green and public spaces of the Josaphat priority zone. This represents the first phase in the development of this 30-hectare wasteland site near Josaphat Park, leading to the creation of a new district with parks, housing, businesses and various public facilities.

The public tender reflects the shared ambitions of Beliris and the Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI), which is steering the urban development of this zone in its urban, landscape, architectural, environmental and universal accessibility aspects.

The contract will relate to: the development of green spaces (the 2.8 ha Spoorpark along the railway line, the railway embankment, etc.), public spaces (roads, Place Wahis, Place De Boeck, Place Gilisquet, etc.) and infrastructure including two bridges for pedestrians and cyclists across the railway, the integration of facilities including a pavilion/kiosk and the work required to introduce utilities to the site (sewerage, water and electricity, etc.).

The project designer who is selected following the procurement procedure will create plans for the site’s skeletal structure, determining the interaction and viability of the different property development phases. The role will consist of proposing a strong urban and landscape concept that provides an overall structure but can be adapted to changing requirements. The designer will therefore need to work closely with the partners and project owners of other phases.

The guideline maximum works contract price is 25,000,000 euros excluding VAT.

The team responsible for the execution of the contract must have expertise in architecture, landscaping, stability engineering, building services engineering and ecology.

Tenders must be submitted no later than 05.11.2019 at 11.00 am.

The documentation containing full details is available here.

(*) Beliris is a federal team serving Brussels residents and visitors to the capital. On a daily basis, Beliris carries out construction, renovation and restoration projects in various fields: transport, social housing, green spaces, neighbourhood regeneration, culture, heritage and sport. Its objective is to enhance the prestige of Brussels as the capital of Belgium and Europe.